The work and influences of Dan Farrimond, teletext artist.

dan [at] illarterate [dot] co [dot] uk

2 / REBLOG#teletextartoftheday #teletext Hello is Loading, VBI Microtel, 2006. ZX Spectrum comes to teletext!
19 / REBLOG#teletextartoftheday #teletext Game Boy, VBI Microtel, 2006. The latest evolution of the keytar. You know, those keyboards that are, like, guitars? Well, this one’s a Game Boy.
7 / REBLOG#teletextartoftheday #teletext 8BP: Wink for VBI Microtel, 2006. Can’t beat a bit of monochrome portraitage.
0 / REBLOG#teletextartoftheday #teletext TCC Text subtitled programming, 1990s. In Swedish!
1 / REBLOG#teletextartoftheday #teletext ORACLE goes off the air, 1992. Not your bog standard teletext page… well alright, it *is* kind of. But this one has historical significance: RIP the ORACLE.
2 / REBLOG#itaf14 #teletext

Willi: Mobile ITAF
artwork: Dan Farrimond
Send us your pictures of the International Teletext Art Festival in your House.
Schicken Sie uns Ihre Fotos vom Internationalen Teletext-Kunstfestival ITAF 2014. Noch bis Sonntag, 14.9.2014.

#itaf14 #teletext


teletext art - i really love it! the first 5 pictures are by dan farrimond, winner of the teletext art prize 2014. the other two are by seppo renvall.

14 / REBLOG#teletextartoftheday #teletext 8BP: 8-bit Peoples for VBI Microtel, 2006. The keyboard is there… and yet not. Superb use of white (well, black) space.
0 / REBLOG#teletextartoftheday #teletext Sally Ski Drive, Oracle, 1992. Including a pixellated TARDIS in the top right there. Silliest ever name for a company? And who is Price P Person?!
1 / REBLOG#teletextartoftheday #teletext Scottish Ski Tours, Oracle, 1992. Some lesser-spotted teletext calligraphy here, so savour it before it’s gone! Oh wait… sob… it is…. :(
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